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Karen Piller, Office Manager

Karen is likely the first person you come into contact with at SAH. She is our office manager and "schedule master" as we call her. She is one that makes everything happen. She has a background in the field of law working as a legal assistant for high volume law firms. She's currently enjoying a more laid back career running this practice.

Karen enjoys traveling with her husband, Craig in their free time. 

Laura Jackson, Office Assistant

Laura is a new addition to the SAH staff. She is quickly learning the ins and outs of the front and back office procedures. She is an extension of our office manager, Karen, assisting with scheduling and patient check-in/check-out. She wants go to Chiropractic school eventually and she's in the right place to learn whether or not that is truly her passion. She is a bright young lady and is learning quick.

Laura loves to play sports and camp with her friends.

Dr. Amy Gonzalez, DC

Dr. Gonzalez graduated from Parker University with a Doctorate in Chiropractic and Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness. She also completed post graduate training in Acupuncture. She completed her undergraduate education at the University of Texas at Arlington where she majored in Pre-Med and Spanish. She was appointed by the Governor Rick Perry to the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners where she served most of her term as the Chair of Enforcement helping to resolve complaints and promote ethical practice of Chiropractic in Texas. She currently works as a Standard of Care doctor for the TBCE offering expert opinion to the board and staff on specific cases. 

Because she was a massage therapist before she was a Chiropractor, Dr. Gonzalez incorporates a lot of soft tissue work and therapy into her treatments to get the maximum benefit. She prefers a "go-with-the-flow" style of practice rather than long-term treatment plans and loves to take on challenging cases where pharmaceuticals and/or surgery have failed. Dr. Gonzalez enjoys practicing yoga, painting, and watching her kids and husband play sports. You can find some of her artwork around the office. 

Michael Gonzalez, Paramedic

Michael is a paramedic with 15 years of experience working with Dallas Fire Rescue. Due to his valuable experience working in a pre-hospital setting, he is able to assist Dr. Gonzalez in examination and assessment information to help rule out any acute issues that may need to be referred to an ER or other specialist doctor. Michael also does a majority of the soft tissue work for patients including myofascial release, trigger point, fascial stretching techniques, exercises, and home care instruction.

Michael plays goaltender on two ice hockey teams. He enjoys being outdoors and playing sports with the kids. He loves helping people get back to doing the activities that they enjoy.

Rebekka Girard, LMT

Rebekka is skilled in many modalities in the massage therapy field such as Swedish massage, pregnancy massage, lymphatic drainage for oncology (with MD referral) and relaxation, deep tissue, Acupressure, Sports Tuina, and is always expanding her education. Her favorite thing about being a massage therapist is seeing results in her clients. She loves to help people feel better and get back to the things they love.

She graduated Cum Laude University Scholar from Stephen F. Austin University with a double major in Sociology and Anthropology with a minor Geography. She attended the massage therapy program at Tarrant County College. She has been a massage therapist since 2012. In her spare time, Rebekka enjoys playing video games and attending Comic Con events with her friends.

Chela Laguna, LMT

Chela is a graduate of Parker University School of Massage Therapy and has spent the last years working at chiropractic offices and spas within the Dallas/Fort Worth areas. She is able to provide her clients with a therapeutic touch, getting deeper into their muscles, as needed, but also giving them a strong sense of relaxation. She is committed to helping clients who suffer from chronic pain, headaches and migraines, or tension, stress, and anxiety from daily life. Many people sit at computers and desks all day long, live hectic schedules, some are busy moms, some are students going through stressful times at school... Everyone’s bodies are unique and different, therefore, she crafts a treatment plan specific to their exact needs. She provides her clients with a variety of techniques, such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, oncologic, acupressure, and reflexology.

She is a native from Mexico, so she speaks Spanish, too. Chela is also a diagnostic medical sonographer, which gives her a great understanding of anatomy and physiology of the human body. In her spare time, Chela enjoys playing with her granddaughters, going to the movies, and enjoy time with her family. 

Kara Hamilton, LMT

Kara is a Mansfield native currently building her massage therapy clientelle with us at Solutions Alternative Healthcare.  Her background as a medical assistant and radiology clerk has helped her develop a well-rounded clinical perspective that she now applies to her massage therapy practice. She is skilled in deep tissue therapy as well as general relaxation techniques. She prides herself on her ability to empathize with the issues her clients present with and apply the most appropriate therapy techniques to best improve the structure and function affected. 

Zondra Charles, LMT

Zondra is a graduate of the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Human Behavior. She received her massage therapy training from Hands on Approach in Dallas. Zondra considers each client on a case by case basis considering the most appropriate modalities to apply. She is proficient in deep tissue work, myofascial release, prenatal/pregnancy massage, and Swedish massage. She loves to work with chronic pain patients and patients with autoimmune issues. 

Zondra enjoys trail walking and Swing dancing in her spare time. 

Ron Andersen, LMT

Ron is a veteran massage therapist with an enormous following of clientele. He owned and ran Main Street Massage for over 10 years and is now looking forward to a more relaxed lifestyle (without the stress and overhead of running a business) and has joined us as part of the SAH staff. 

Ron enjoys hanging with his wife and their animals as well as traveling to the beach as often as they can. 


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